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Every pixel tells a story. Manipulating those pixels is the key to creating your perfect image. A list of
pixel-twisting options include:

  • adjust color, hue, value, intensity, contrast, ambience, etc.
  • adjust size, angle, proportion, sharpness, crop, etc.
  • optimize size and resolution for efficient page loading
  • background removal/replacement
  • landscape/portrait conversions, expand or “grow” your image boundary
  • custom fills, media style filter application
  • add logos, portraits, custom text or additional image overlays
  • remove scratches, dust, power lines and other distracting elements

These techniques and more can be applied to images such as:

  • exterior, architectural & interior
  • landscapes & vacation
  • product, jewelry & cuisine
  • portrait & fashion
  • historical and restoration

Contact D3 to forward an image for review and a low resolution sample will be returned to give
an idea of how it can be optimized.