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Is you’re website “just OK”?  Do your web analytics indicate people aren’t sticking around?

Research shows people scan images long before they start reading text (Didn’t you?) and since you only have
a few short seconds to capture viewer attention, doesn’t it makes sense to maximize your site imagery?

Stock images are fine but do they really offer the quality and detail needed to attract quality customers and
tell your story properly? Are the images the correct size, resolution and proportion for optimum viewing?
Is there dynamic contrast,
color and intensity? Do you want to incorporate some unique or special effects to
help lend character or atmosphere? Would you like to have your logo or other descriptive text added to the
images? What about unifying background elements? If you have your own image library, are they high
quality or do they look flat and dull or like vacation shots from last summers’ vacation?

These and many other image details can be addressed and most likely remedied by D3 Design. Typically, an
initial low resolution solution concept can be forwarded so you have an idea of how customized image
solutions to make your site look as good as possible.